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Anversa degli Abruzzi, Italy Photo by Marcelli Formaggi

The Marcelli family, a family made up of chefs and specialty food industry professionals. Embracing and celebrating the culinary treasures of their ancestral home in Abruzzo, Italy. Importers of exceptional award winning organic cheese, made by their ancestral family in the small mountain village of Anversadegli Abruzzi, population 300. They also import other specialty products from the same village and area, such as extra virgin olive oil from 1000 year old orchards, savory mountain honey, pasta and the saffron of L'Aquila. All of these products are made by small family producers. These are not just products placed in bags, bottles and jars. They are products that come from small families who embrace and celebrate centuries of tradition. Ancient knowledge, hard work and dedication, craft these gifts of pastures, fields and orchards. Their farm was established in the 1970's with a few hundred Sopravissana sheep. With a desire to preserve a way of life that had existed in Abruzzo for thousands of years, but was in danger of disappearing. Grown from humble beginnings, today is a sustainable agriturismo farm that has received an award from the Italian government as an "Organic Village." Look for their cheeses, pasta, and olive oils here at The Market.

Pecorrino Primo Sale

Photo by Marcelli Formaggi


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