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Stefano and Whitney Viglietti have established a remarkable reputation within the culinary community over the past 28 years.  They own three highly acclaimed restaurants (Trattoria Stefano, Il Ritrovo, and Field to Fork) and operated an 800 sq. ft. retail space located in the same building as Il Ritrovo and Field to Fork.


The previous retail space is now the 8,000 sq ft store you know as Slo Food Market, which is just around the corner on Pennsylvania Avenue! Their reputation for quality, responsible business practices and stewardship have established them as a leader in the Sheboygan community.  Stefano is an advocate of the Slow Food Movement started in Rome Italy. 


Products offered at the market include local and organic produce, local pasture raised meats, house made deli salads, soups, baked pastas, sandwiches, and coffee, a global assortment of high quality oils, vinegars, pastas, San Marzano tomatoes, conservas, condiments, etc, wine and spirits, and much more. 


The concept is World Market and Local Farmer's Market all rolled up into a wonderful Food Hub.  We stay as local as possible and when we go further afield for products we  make sure that we go to a clean field.  We want the people that we partner with to have the same belief that we are stewards of the earth.

Supporting Local Producers and Sustainable Agriculture

Providing Health-Enhancing Foods to the Local Community

Helping People in Sheboygan Lead Healthier Lives

Image by Arnaldo Aldana
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